Yuryra is a student of lifelong learning and exploration, a 15-year professional in the field of Human Development, a go-getting, change-making/risk-taking millennial. These are just some of the epithets that can be applied to Yuryra. She is also a Bestseller Author, Coach of Possibilities, Radio Show Hostess, International Workshop Teacher, Reiki Master and an Access Consciousness® and Right Relationship For You ® Certified Facilitator.

She is often recognized for her seemingly magical ability to communicate that opens the hearts and minds of those she facilitates.

Yuryra loves shaking up the supposed hard-set realities and paradigms kept in place over lifetimes. She sees a different reality and possibility, usually far beyond this reality, which she has used to create her own life. Her knowledge, experience, intuition, total allowance, unique personality and sense of humor make her a delicious experience of joy and awareness.

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