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Ask BonBon TV Show- January 2016

Interview about #1Amazon Bestseller I'm Having It



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Order your signed copy of Yuryra's  Bestseller The Colors of Now or the Bestseller I'm Having It HERE

Order your copy of the Bestseller The Colors of Now  @ Amazon HERE

Order your copy of the Best Seller I'm Having It @ Amazon HERE

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Seducing Beyond Limitations Radio Show
Wednesdays 10AM PT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET / 7PM ECT

How much force and effort have you used in creating your life? What if there is a different possibility? What if the energy of seduction is the invitation that you could step into, that will create your life with ease, elegance and joy beyond any limitation?

Join your seductresses, Rachel and Yuryra, for a playful exploration of enamored living. Is it time to fall in love with your life?

Rachel and Yuryra use the tools of Access Consciousness and have played together in a series of videos you can find on YouTube - just look for Pop TU Burbuja - and practice your Spanish. They are explorers - discovering and inviting you to a world that isn’t always what you’d expect it to be.


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